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My Heart Bows Down to You

My Heart Bows Down to You
Artist Shop: Brenda McMorrow

Artist Info: Brenda McMorrow
Categories: Mantra & Chanting, Yoga Music, Sacred Vocal
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The acclaimed Canadian devotional chant artist Brenda McMorrow is beloved for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra music. She blends elements of acoustic folk and world rhythms with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility as she crafts tuneful, uplifting interpretations of traditional Sanskrit mantras with her own inspiring lyrics and excerpts of poems by the Sufi mystic Rumi. Ram Dass said “Brenda McMorrow has a gift” -- and her gift of deeply spiritual but very accessible music has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide.

On this fourth album, My Heart Bows Down to You, she draws upon her extensive travels as an in-demand touring artist to weave fresh new flavors into her distinctive sound; time spent in Spain, Peru and Mexico inspired the introduction of Spanish lyrics in some songs, while yearly visits to India have helped nurture the place of clarity and transformative growth in which her songs take root.  The album includes liner notes that elucidate each mantra and offer the original Sanskrit chants along with the English and Spanish song lyrics.

Produced by Warren Huart (James Blunt, Trevor Hall), this new recording was largely crowd-funded by Brenda’s fans, and features the support of a talented cast of musicians and background singers on eleven sparkling original songs.

Click Here to Read Brenda's interview on Mantra Yoga & Health magazine 2016.


1.    You Are Light/Gayatri
2.    I Open My Arms to Love/Jai Radhe
3.    My Heart Bows Down to You/Maha Mantra
4.    Guru Brahma/Más Allá
5.    All One Song
6.    Way Down Low/Om Namo Bhagavate
7.    One With the Light/Om Shanti
8.    O Amado/Radhe Shyam
9.    Grace Surrounding/Maha Mrityunjaya
10.    In The Arms of the One/Asato Ma
11.    Hanuman Chalisa (Heart Version)

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