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Meditation & Savasana - Relaxation, Healing Bowls

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Downtemple Dub: Lost Mixes
DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes are a collection of alternate versions of well known yoga dub tracks that..
4am: Plum Mood
For DJ/beatmaker/remixer DJ Drez, 20 years of zig-zagging between gigs in North America and Asia ha..
Blown Away
Blown Away finds Miten reconnecting with his acoustic music roots and emerging with a CD full of pa..
Chanting Mantras with Deva Premal & Miten 21 Day Immersion 5 CD Set
Chanting Mantras with Deva Premal & Miten – A 21-Day Immersion in the Power of Sacred Sound fr..
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Dakshina by Deva Premal features Sanskrit mantras & chanting, yoga music for meditation, healin..
Deva Premal Sings The Moola Mantra
Bestselling singer Deva Premal offers an expression of Oneness honoring all spiritual paths, religi..
Dhyana Aman: Meditation Of No Mind
For ages, spiritual seekers have looked East for the key to cutting through material illusion in th..
Dreaming In Sanskrit
Dreaming In Sanskrit CD by Marti Nikko & DJ Drez offers soft vocals and chill music for yoga mu..
Deva Premal enthralled audiences worldwide with The Essence and Love Is Space. That phenomenal succ..
Epiphany CD by Manose is the latest release by the Nepalese flutist, with guests Deva Premal & ..
Into Light
Into Light, she offers an exclusive collection of illuminating chants and inspiring pieces for medi..
Liquid Bells Singing Bowls
20 Tibetan singing bowls take you to a place of deep relaxation and meditation, moving into the ge..
Love Is Space
Love Is Space by Deva Premal is calming yoga music featuring mantras and chanting for healing,..
MantraLove by Deva Premal and Miten offers mantras and sacred chant to inspire and celebrate t..
Mantras For Precarious Times
Mantras for Precarious Times by Deva Premal offers seven repeated Sanskrit mantras for devotional m..
Meditative Massage Music: Healing Instrumentals For Peace & Quiet
Luxuriate in magnificent stillness with Meditative Massage Music: Healing Instrumentals for Peace ..
More Than Music Book & CD
More Than Music Book and CD by Deva Premal and Miten features mantras and chanting for healing, med..
$16.99 $21.99
Notes From Home: Himalayan Folk Tunes
Nepal native Manose presents a lilting and lovely collection of music inspired by the folk traditio..
For Oasis, his third recording for White Swan Records, woodwind master Gary Stroutsos draws from an..
Created with Miten and Manose at the end of their 2010 world tour, Password is Deva Premal's first ..
Through exceptional artistry, Manish Vyas shares the richness of his musical heritage,Indian raaga ..
Quiet Fire
Quiet Fire marks the first meeting of three remarkable artists, each distinguished for shaping (and..
Radiance Mixes
From the convergence of two great sonic forces – the voice of Deva Premal and the sound of RadianceM..
Resonance, a modern masterpiece of soothing ambient soundscapes, was originally released by global ..
Sattva (Sanskrit for “the essence of being”) invokes the silent, serene space that awaits us beyon..
Savasana Healing Instrumentals & Singing Bowls
Savasana Healing Instrumentals & Singing Bowls for Relaxation & Meditation, Volume 1 in our ..
Savasana Yoga Music: Healing Guitar for Massage, Sleep & Yoga Nidra Digital Only
Savasana Yoga Music: Healing Guitar for Massage, Sleep & Yoga Nidra - Releasing October 14, 2016..
Shakti Guitar
Shakti Guitar is the continuation of a musical journey that began many years ago when Stevin McNama..
Shamanic Dream 1
Shamanic Dream by Anugama is especially suitable for trance meditations, yoga music, massage and ch..
Shamanic Dream II
This peaceful Relaxation-Trance Music flows with a gentle shamanic spirit inviting us into the hear..
Shanti Guitar
Most of the pieces on Shanti Guitar are based on the concept of Raga, a traditional form of Indian ..
Songs For The Inner Lover
Graced by Deva Premal's vocal harmonies, Miten’s songs take flight, seamlessly blending male/female..
Soul In Wonder
Rocking grooves mingle with the wood smoke of India on this warm and mysterious album Soul in Wonde..
Soundtracks for the Yoga of Life: 2012 White Swan Records Sampler
With music from Deva Premal, David Newman, Donna De Lory, Stevin McNamara, Masood Ali Khan,&nbs..
Spa India
Spa India is relaxing spa music for meditation, massage and healing. Complete your rejuvenating spa..
Spa Relaxation Music
Spa Relaxation Music is the second volume in the White Swan's Healing Arts Series. This suprem..
Specially Priced Set Deva Premal & Miten 3-Pack
Purchase these three classics from Deva Premal & Miten - Dakshina, Satsang and Gl..
$51.94 $29.99
Specially Priced Set Deva Premal 2-Pack
Give the gift of mantra music! Purchase the Deva Premal CDs – The Essence and Moola Mantra..
$16.99 $21.99
Specially Priced Set Deva Premal Mantra Meditation Kit
Give the experience of chanting Tibetan mantra music with Deva Premal, a Mala and Mantra Shawl. Purc..
$96.97 $72.73
Specially Priced Set Manish Vyas 3-Pack
Purchase all three of White Swan's Manish Vyas releases Sufi Splendor, Sattva and Prasad togeth..
$50.94 $29.99
Strength Of A Rose
Strength of A Rose, acoustic folk music, contains fourteen gems from the heart. This early rec..
Sufi Splendor
The dervish’s whirling is a meditation—communion and contemplation—set to music and chant; the calm..
From the first note of Suskera by Nepali flutist Manose, you will feel transformed as the mind..
The Essence
The Essence by Deva Premal features The Gayatri Mantra & other chants, yoga music perfect for m..
The Miten Collection
The Miten Collection 5-CD set by Miten is vocal acoustic music for relaxation, contemplation and hea..
$16.99 $39.99
The Yoga Sessions: Go-Ray & Duke
Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist and Composer Go-Ray was initiated into the ambience of Hindustani R..
The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan
A musician of eclectic talents on didgeridoo, hand drums and guitar, Masood Ali Khan has recorded h..
The Yoga Sessions: Masood Ali Khan: Hang With Angels
The Yoga Sessions: Hang with Angels is Masood Ali Khan’s second album, and the 5th release in the c..
Tibetan Chants For World Peace
The Tibetan Buddhist chants on this album had never been recorded until 2001, when Grateful Dead's ..
Tibetan Mantras For Turbulent Times
Deva Premal & the Gyuto Monks of Tibet have created a powerful, deeply moving mantra meditation..
Trusting The Silence
Trusting the Silence by Miten and Deva Premal is New Age singer songwriter music for yoga, tan..
Within You Without You
Within You Without You by Gary Stroutsos is New Age flute music for meditation, relaxation, ma..
Yoga Moods 2
Yoga Moods 2  by Various Artists, compiled by YogaFit founder Beth Shaw and mixed by David &am..


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