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Kailash Rudraksha Mala (MR122) - 216 Beads (4mm)

Kailash Rudraksha Mala (MR122) - 216 Beads (4mm)
Kailash Rudraksha Mala (MR122) - 216 Beads (4mm)
Artist Shop: Aum Rudraksha Designs

Categories: Malas, Yoga & Meditation Tools
Media Type: Malas - 108 Prayer Beads
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Price: $158.99

Kailash Rudraksha (MR122) 216 Bead Mala (prayer beads) has 4mm rudraksha beads interspersed with turquoise, carnelian, blue-lace agate, crystal quartz, amethyst, green & red aventurine, citrine and 22k gold plated sterling silver beads to enhance mantra meditation and yoga.

Kailash Rudraksha Bead Mala is anchored with a beautiful carnelian pendant. Hanging length is approximately 20".

The rudraksha beads Aum Rudraksha Designs uses are grown on sustainable plantations in South East Asia. All beads are authentic and we only use the best. We also check the vibration (power) of our beads and gemstones and use the best in our mala jewelry for their power and healing properties. All our malas are now purified and empowered through a Balinese blessing ceremony.

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