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Beyond The Forest

Beyond The Forest
Artist Shop: Baka Beyond

Artist Info: Baka Beyond
Categories: World Fusion
Media Type: CD
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Beyond the Forest CD by Baka Beyond 's Martin Cradick and his wife Su Hart have now been working with Baka Pygmy musicians for almost 20 years. The first collaboration, Spirit of the Forest was based on the Baka's interpretation of Congolese music they had heard on old radios.

In 2008, at the Baka’s Music House in the middle of the Cameroon rainforest, Martin Cradick recorded the yelli singing of the Baka women, still employed to enchant animals in the rainforests of Africa. This is singing for survival, developed by the Baka people of Cameroon through thousands of years of communicating in song with their forest world.

Back home in England, Cradick took the recordings into the studio. His modern arrangements of these ancient songs unravel the interlocking vocal lines, replacing them with bass and guitar and revealing the roots of reggae. The enchanting result is Beyond the Forest, a highly listenable, yet otherworldly album. 

1.) Marriage of West with East -4:02
2.) Nahwia's Dream -4:00
3.) Beyond the Forest -3:57
4.) Illa Dhuinn -5:59
5.) Yoka -5:24
6.) An T-Oighr’Og -4:23
7.) Cat's Cradle -4:49
8.) Together Again -4:55
9.) Babako -5:20
10.) Song of the Hyrax -6:08

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