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Yogabeat: Conscious Hip Hop & Organic Electronica

Yogabeat: Conscious Hip Hop & Organic Electronica
Artist Shop: Various Artists (Black Swan Sounds)

Artist Info: Black Swan Sounds
Categories: Yoga Chillout & Dance
Media Type: CD
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Price: $16.99

Undulating rhythms, positive lyrics and high vibrations drive Yogabeat, a flowing mix of beats, dub and devotion.

White Swan Records has built a solid reputation for keeping our ears attuned to the sensibilities of the creative listener. Recently, there’s a message coming in loud and clear from the yoga community: “give us something to dance to!” To that end, in 2011 we launched a new musical initiative: Black Swan Sounds, the lively counterpart to White Swan Records’ catalog of calming music.

White Swan’s (and now Black Swan’s) forays into “yogabeat” -- a term reflecting the uptempo side of the yoga community’s open-minded, adventurous taste in music -- are driven by a desire to answer that call for funkier, soulful, danceable sounds. Without losing the sense of devotion that’s the common thread through all of the White Swan and Black Swan releases, we hope to amplify, through the universal language of rhythm, the love for uplifting, positive music shared by yogis and non-yogi’s alike.

For many, yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle to be expressed on the mat as well as through our daily lives, interactions and the choices we make. It’s about building a sustainable future. And as we all know, there’s no future without music. Let's face that future together. Black Swan will provide the beats.

1.) DJ Drez - Om Nya Binghi (BSS edit) -4:00
2.) Srikala - Freedom Is the Basis (feat. Steve Fox and The Flowdown) -5:03
3.) Dum Dum Project - Mad Happy -4:23
4.) MC Yogi - Breath Control -2:05
5.) DJ Drez - Wind Talker (feat. Kirtaniyas and Domonic Dean Breaux) -5:07
6.) Desert Dwellers - Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Mix) -5:09
7.) Adham Shaikh - Water Prayer (Holden Space Mix) (feat. Jeff Holden) -4:07
8.) Bole 2 Harlem - Aya Bellew -4:43
9.) Sharon Gannon - Govinda Fly (EarthRise SoundSystem Remix feat. Srikala/Nahdi Devi/MC Yogi) -4:54
10.) Avasa & Matty Love - Let The Sun Shine Through -5:45
11.) David Newman (Durga Das) - Love Belongs To Everyone (Krisnha Venkatesh Deep Dub Remix) -6:06
12.) Lazy Hammock - Gratitude (BSS edit) -5:29
13.) EarthRise SoundSystem - Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix) -6:12

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