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Songs of Ganesha

Songs of Ganesha
Artist Shop: Various Artists

Categories: Yoga Music
Media Type: CD
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Price: $16.99

The tracks on Songs of Ganesha range from traditional to contemporary, chant to chill, and feature many favorite artists, including MC YOGI remixed by Shinobi Wan, Luna Ray remixed by Desert Dwellers, Jai Uttal remixed by Shankar Mahadevan, Wah!, David Newman, Niraj Chag, Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band, DJ Drez, and Prem Joshua.

Ganesha is  India's beloved deity of creativity, art, science, wisdom and moving full-steam ahead. Also known as "Ganesh," "Ganapati," or "Vinayaka," he's the familiar kind-hearted god with the head of an elephant.  Here are 11 selections intended to evoke his liberating presence, release our blocked energies and take us toward our highest aspirations.






1. Ganesha (Desert Dwellers Remix) (Luna Ray)

2. Vaani (Niraj Chag)

3. Ganapati (Prem Joshua & Chintan)

4. Ganesha's Belly Dance (Yoga Mantra to Clear Obstacles) (Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band)
5. Driving with Ganesha (Marti Nikko & DJ Drez)
6. Ganesh Is Fresh (Shinobi Wan's Gulab Jammin Remix) (MC YOGI)
7. Ganesha Windmix (Rara Avis & Shaman's Dream Remix) (Jai Uttal)
8. Jai Ganapati Vandana (Hariharan)
9. Ganesh's Theme (DJ Drez)
10. Ganesh Under Moonlight (David Newman)

11. Twilight (Ganesh Siddhi Mantra) (Wah!)

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