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Dhyana Aman: Meditation Of No Mind


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For ages, spiritual seekers have looked East for the key to cutting through material illusion in their search for the divine space we all share, a temple accessed only via the inner travels of the quiet mind.

Recorded in Kathmandu, Nepal, Dhyana Aman: Meditation of No Mind by flautist Manose evokes the boundless expanse and reverberating stillness of the Himalayas, paving the listener’s path to this elusive, mist-shrouded sanctuary of true realization. Timeless chants beckon from the towering quiet, floating on bamboo dreamscapes and the singing bowls’ eternal ring.

Manose’s flute threads through the music like drifting incense vapors, a gentle reminder of a steadily burning ember. Radiant chanting by Tibetan nun Choying Drolma and monk Dorje Lama lend a transcendent, otherworldly feel to a recording that is breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity.

Ideal for relaxation, meditation and bodywork, Dhyana Aman: Meditation of No Mind reveals a new petal in the lotus bloom of Tibetan/Nepali meditation music—a vehicle for introspective journeys imbued with the healing aspects of an age-old tradition.

Using only traditional instruments and arrangements, this is a purely acoustic recording. The sounds of these ancient callings create an ideal atmosphere for meditation and bodywork.

"The Tibetan bells, bamboo flute, tambura and vocal chanting on this CD transport one to the still, expansive majesty of the Himalayas. Slow and simple combinations of these highly resonant and saturating vibrations create elaborate and mystical results reflecting the rich spiritual traditions of Nepal, Tibet and India. A great CD to use with meditation, yoga or relaxation." –Yogabasics.com

"Sure to be used again and again, opening new spiritual vistas each time." –NAPRA Review

1.) Sacred Vibrations -9:02
2.) Auspicious Flute -5:18
3.) Eternal Chant -6:01
4.) Tibetan Chant -4:24
5.) Tengpoche Monastery -6:50
6.) Ohm -7:27
7.) Compassion
8.) Release -10:14

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