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Internationally recognized Producer and Vocalist


Radharani is an internationally recognized producer and vocalist whose latest album of original music topped the New Age Billboard Charts. She has shared a stage with some of today’s best-known sacred music artists, and teaches voice and musicianship to students around the world.

Radharani spent the better part of a decade learning from great spiritual teachers in India and journeying to remote pilgrimage places to engage in lengthy meditation practices. As a pilgrim and humble student in that diverse and rich land, devotional music, mantra chanting, and classical scales were the soundtrack of her life for much of her 20s.

Her melodies are inspired by the women who gathered to sing in the village temples in the Himalayas, the priests who chanted Vedic mantras in the shrine to the planets across from her apartment in the ancient city of Varanasi, the early-risers who stood submerged in the Ganges river chanting their Gayatri rounds, and the great teachers and beautiful saintly personalities who taught her about devotional practice, and the power of the “holy names”.

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