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Brenda McMorrow

With a deep devotion to the unveiling and celebration of our true beings through the power of sound, Brenda McMorrow is invited to travel worldwide to share her unique blend of original folk-inspired melodies, world beats and sacred Indian devotional chants.

Brenda McMorrow

Canadian devotional chant artist Brenda McMorrow is known for her unique and warmly embracing style of mantra music, in which she blends elements of acoustic folk and world rhythms, with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility. As Ram Dass has said: “Brenda has a gift”; her music has been touching people’s hearts worldwide. With 3 celebrated devotional chant albums, Brenda is a featured artist on the White Swan Records roster, a Colorado label well known for it’s high-profile yoga-inspired artists like Deva Premal. Brenda has been invited to Festivals and events across North and South America, Europe and Asia as part of her most recent tour schedule

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“Brenda McMorrow has a gift. When she sings, Maharaji (Neem Karoli Baba) is there” –Ram Dass

“…Brenda McMorrow has forged her own unique and welcoming style of mantra music, blending elements of acoustic folk, world rhythms, with a sweetly introspective singer-songwriter’s sensibility. Her new album, Igniting the Beauty, blends inspired reinterpretations of some of her best repertoire material with meditative new compositions that explore gorgeous vistas of dreamlike melodies” –Yoga Journal

“The sweetness of Brenda’s voice and vision coupled with Ben Leinbach‘s unswervingly magnificent production (and a host of wonderful guest musicians) brings us an exceptional offering … highly recommended!” –Benjy Wertheimer (Shantala, The Hanumen) on “Igniting the Beauty”

“Brenda is a powerhouse: a strong and supple voice, sublime songwriting, a compassionate presence, steady wisdom, and a great sense of humor. Traveling and singing with her is incredibly fun. I’d follow her anywhere.” –Dave Stringer

“…Brenda McMorrow’s mellifluous voice touches the heart and ear with an immediate, expansive and nourishing ease; it is a voice that broadcasts equal parts eternal wisdom and eternal youth.” –Mount Shasta Magazine

“Canada’s Brenda McMorrow brings us a soul-stirring and deeply-introspective listening experience…Brenda ‘ignites’ not only beauty, but creativity, as well. Unlock your inner lotus with Brenda McMorrow’s latest soul-quenching wanderings on Igniting The Beauty.” –Inside World Music

“One of Gods great songstresses. As she passed by at the moment of conception, God stood up from her heavenly throne and screamed aloud “and this one will enhearten the planet with her voice”. And she hasn’t missed a beat since.” –Jeff Brown, Author of Soulshaping

“As rich as it is with good feeling and Leinbach’s warm production space, Ameya depends on Brenda McMorrow’s dusky voice and laid-back but earthy, present style, as beguiling, sensual, and sweet as you always imagined life could be…When yogic chant and singer-songwriter talent merges in a nurturing voice like McMorrow’s we all benefit. This wandering Canadian folk troubadour has found a home in the boundless flow of newly awakened spirit; the power and light is audible in her every breath on Ameya, and you, me, and the world are all invited to dance, meditate, sing along, or just drift in the flow of a happy, settled heart.” –Daily Om


Kirtan Concerts and Chanting Workshops led by Brenda McMorrow are true experiences of Bhakti yoga. Brenda travels the world to bring devotional practice to as many beautiful souls as possible.

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