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Ben Leinbach

Ben Leinbach is an award-winning producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Ben Leinbach

Acclaimed producer Ben Leinbach presents this collection of new recordings featuring the premier artists from the sangha (“community”) of mantra. These fresh arrangements and performances invite the listener to join their voice with the many and re-imagine the power and place of mantra in the modern world.

Ben has established himself as the go-to producer in the mantra/chant genre, and has produced and collaborated on topselling albums by some of yoga music’s biggest names. Sangha’s A-list of revered voices includes: Deva Premal & Miten, Jaya Lakshmi, Jai Uttal, Snatam Kaur, Mukti, Donna De Lory, Prajna Vieira and David Newman.

For Sangha, Ben invited these illustrious artists to record their best-loved tracks in his San Anselmo studio. He then crafted wholly original soundscapes designed to compliment those transcendent vocal performances, setting familiar chants against a fresh, loving and gorgeous audio backdrop.

These beautiful new songs, delivered by this talented collection of artists and translated through the sonic prism of a gifted producer, make Sangha a most highly appreciated yoga/chant album.

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"Legendary…" –Common Ground Magazine

"Coolest music maker." –Brenda McMorrow

"Masterful". –Yoga Journal

"A technical and creative musical wizard." –Amie Penwell

"Whatever his gift is; empathy, talent, witchcraft, it is rare." –Prajna Vieira

"It seems that everything he touches turns to gold". –Yoga Journal

"Soulful genius." –Ben's dad