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Suzanne Sterling

A musical priestess, Suzanne brilliantly weaves lyric, melody and rhythm into a magical spell that entrances us to discover the sacred song within our own heart. –Seane Corn

Suzanne is an ecstatic vocalist, innovative composer, teacher and invoker of the sacred. Both as a performing and recording artist, as well as a facilitator of transformational workshops and intensives for many years, Suzanne has received critical acclaim. Called a contemporary “musical priestess”, she creates sacred and participatory ceremonies for large gatherings and festivals worldwide. As a voice for joyful and sustainable activism she has created trainings and curriculums for numerous communities, is co-creator of Off the Mat, Into the World® programs and co-founder of “Bare Witness” Humanitarian Tours.

Suzanne’s musical explorations in the realm of electronic dance music, devotional chanting and songs of the ecstatic soul have brought her to the forefront of the “kirtronica” sound (Conscious Dancer magazine named her a “kirtronica pioneer”) and have led her to enjoy mainstage billing at festivals such as Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Burning Man, Power to the Peaceful and The World Festival of Sacred Music (hosted by the Dalai Lama). Suzanne has performed and toured internationally both solo as well as with well-known electronic dance act Medicine Drum, innovative electronic dance act Alcyone (System Recordings NY) and acoustic trio Kali’s Angels.

Her music has been commissioned for film, theatre, and DVD.

Her latest performances are a thoroughly modern exploration of devotional music and have been known to have an audience on their feet in a matter of minutes. She has been called a soulful and groove-loving musical priestess – refining and reinventing the ancient traditions of ecstatic prayer through the voice.

Suzanne began her training as an actress and dancer at the early age of 10, attending theatre school and performing in New York and Rhode Island. After moving to California she was fortunate to attend an award winning alternative school where she studied philosophy and subatomic physics, alchemy, world religions, shamanic traditions, systems design, the nature of consciousness and expressive arts. This led to her many years as a student of occult and earth based traditions (including teaching in the Reclaiming Tradition for over 18 years) as well as basic and innovative therapeutic modalities and the foundations of sacred activism. She also continued working as a performer, gathering a B.A. in Theatre Arts and a minor in dance from San Francisco State University and was inspired to create her own dance theatre company “Imagica Dance Theatre”. In 1995 that company created an award winning performance entitled “Facing Aids” which toured the entire west coast and was critically acclaimed. She has studied with such esteemed teachers as Charles Bush, Ed Mock, Alonzo King, Judith Lasater, Maty Ezraty and Chuck Miller, Starhawk, Mona Miller and many more.

She lives in community in both LA and SF and is committed to a passionate exploration of truth telling, joyful purpose, finding and expressing one’s unique voice and crafting creative technologies for change, awakening and sacred service.

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Suzanne is a revolutionary love ninja! –Monica Blossom

A musical priestess, Suzanne brilliantly weaves lyric, melody and rhythm into a magical spell that entrances us to discover the sacred song within our own heart. –Seane Corn

Suzanne is one of the most inspiring humans I’ve ever met. She embodies an authentic way of being that is depthful, creative, transformative and courageous. This comes through in her art and in her teaching. -Hala Khouri Suzanne Sterling weaves a magical tapestry of sound, wisdom, and awakening power into her work as a musician, priestess, and change catalyst. I’ve been a devoted fan for many years and drawn inspiration from her powerful example. Her presence at major events I’ve sponsored has raised the sacred energy and opened us all to a deeper level of grace –Stephen Dinan Founder, Shift in Action

Suzanne Sterling has the voice of a blues-angel, the soul of a she-lion and the mind of a modern mystic. She teaches and shares her healing gifts with consummate grace, kindness, humor and professionalism. I am proud to call her my friend and glad for us all that her magnificent heart beats in this world. –Julian Walker

Suzanne Sterling’s beautiful voice resounds with the passion and compassion she brings to all her spiritual and creative work. She’s a stellar talent who also has the rare gift of bringing out creativity and excellence in others, an inventive and supportive teacher, and a magical leader in ritual and trance. –Starhawk

Suzanne Sterling is a priestess extraordinaire, a true spiritual leader who combines voice, ritual, dance, movement, inspiration, and activism, in each and every breath. She’s the living embodiment of the reawakened goddess, taking us from the moment of now into an ecstatic future. –Anodea Judith, Ph.D.

Suzanne is an incredible artist. From large group gatherings to intimiate private settings, she has an amazing ability to inspire a deep sense of the sacred for all who experience her work. –Chris Deckker founder of Earthdance Intl.

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