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Mystic, storyteller, teacher, world traveller and sage, Miten has dedicated his life to the pursuit of meaning and truth through the medium of his beautiful, evocative music. Now in his 70’s, he brings the wisdom of a lifetime to bear on Devotee, a collection of songs that roll, meander, roar and swirl gently into the mystic.

Miten’s musical palette ranges from the gospel-styled Into Your Hands to the soulful Silent Space With You. The bluesy, downright Tantric embrace of Bring Me Your Love and the meditative Eyes/Ocean (originally recorded by the great Sheila Chandra) are built on sensual, expansive grooves that invite the listener to slow down, smell the roses and embrace the quiet peace that lies beneath the surface of modern life.

Also featured is fellow mantra star and wife, Deva Premal (vocals) and long-time collaborator, Nepalese maestro Manose (bansuri/vocals) together with road-warriors Joby Baker (production/bass), Spencer Cozens (piano) and Rishi (drums), who make up Miten and Deva’s Temple Band.

This is an album of luminous artistry and profound spiritual depth. Devotee is an album for the age. It soothes and refreshes the troubled heart and brings light to our darker moments.

1. Eyes/Ocean (Medley)
2. Dance When You Walk
3. Bring Me Your Love
4. Into Your Hands
5. Silent Space With You
6. Rivers of Babylon
7. Road to Freedom
8. Rhythm of the Heart
9. All The Way

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