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Abhi Ktori

Singer-Songwriter, Abhi's songs carry the tastes of olde England with Celtic seasonings and spices from India


"I was born in England just after the second world war. My mother was English from a poor family and my father was from Cyprus. Growing up my mother always had the radio on, the old steam radio as she always called it, so I was exposed to all kinds of music from an early age, but it was only when I first heard the Beatles that I realized that one could not only sing great songs but could also write them. So began my love affair with music.

In the early 70s I was in a couple of bands, but it was only when I went to India and lived in Osho’s ashram that I began to discover the beauty of writing songs that celebrated not only my love for my spiritual teacher, my Guru but also my love for the amazing journey of awakening and the love for the fellow travelers on this journey.

I have been blessed to sing and write with such great companions as Miten. I feel I have been blessed being around an atmosphere where the very air was infused with the invitation to awaken. Our songs were born fully formed and ready to be sung." –Abhi Ktori

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Photo by Tom Sundro Photography