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Rara Avis

Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, DJ Recording, Mixing, Mastering Engineer, Sound Healer, Voice Facilitator, Global Music Pioneer

Rara Avis

"Rara Avis (Latin for rare bird), born Alex King-Harris, is a leader in transformational music experiences. His immersive sonic environments incorporate a multi-instrumental, omni-cultural approach, mixing pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements. Flute, guitar, didgeridoo, harmonic overtone singing, opening prayers and DJ techniques are layered together to create the backdrop for a mindful and embodied experience – inspiring ecstatic journeys in venues as intimate as a yoga studio and as sprawling as a festival setting.

Rara’s influences include blues, psychedelic rock, jazz, funk, African, Middle Eastern and East Indian music, and a wide range of electronic dance music. Playing with Desert Dwellers, Shamans Dream and Liquid Bloom laid the foundation for his current solo work.

Rara values a culture of connection through integrated mind and body practices, a deep relationship to nature and the transformative power of community. His life's purpose and aim is to be in tune in each day, transmitting a vibration of harmony, balance, mutual respect, solidarity and higher consciousness for a planet in need of healing.

“Rara holds deep sacred space with his powerful facilitation and juicy dj sets, which include live instrumentation. He ignites the dance floor with his professional, heartfelt presence and is well-loved by the Dance Temple Victoria community.” –Jazmin Love | Co-Founder Dance Temple, Victoria, BC

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