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Blown Away finds Miten reconnecting with his acoustic music roots and emerging with a CD full of passion and power. The lineup features some of England's best session musicians–and, of course, Deva Premal.

Blown Away includes several fan favorites ("Native Son", "Rhythm of the Heart", "Brazil", "Silent Garden") from Miten and Deva Premal's concerts. The music is strong, inspired, and, as always, comes straight from the heart. 

1.) Blown Away -6:55
2.) Native Son -4:40
3.) Anything Can Happen -3:32
4.) The Greatest Challenge -9:44
5.) Brasil -6:48
6.) Drop the Baggage -7:01
7.) In Spite of Me -4:10
8.) Silent Garden -6:52
9.) Pure Love -5:06
10.) Rhythm of the Heart -5:13

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