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Ceremonia Del Amor
by Brenda McMorrow

Cermonia del Amor (Ceremony of Love) is a beautiful, sonic tapestry that weaves together the healing and uplifting vibrations of both Sanskrit mantra and Latin American medicine songs.

The album features Brenda McMorrow’s captivating songwriting as well as a selection from her favourite traditional songs (including ones by contemporary songwriters Lenín Cordova G and Maria Valdivia).

This stunning collection inspires it’s listeners to relax into a place of peace and well-being, enhancing their connection within, with others and with our Mother Earth. Deeply honouring the age-old traditions of both Latin America and India, Brenda masterfully adds her signature folk/pop stylings, helping to pave the way for the power of this music to reach and inspire an even broader international, multi-lingual audience.

Agradecer/Gayatri Mantra

Brenda McMorrow


Blue World (Beyond) by Gary Stroutsos

Blue World (Beyond) is deep instrumental, meditational music featuring the mysterious desert styles of the Rim Blown Cedar Wood Flute. Gary Stroutsos is joined by keyboardist Michael Grant who brings the music depth and emotion along with the frame drum of David Revelli. Enter a world of nature as we drift like clouds through the sonic landscape of our time.

The Rim Blown Cedar Wood Flute is perfect for Blue World (Beyond) using “long tones” as inspiration. This flute is a modern replication of the flute found in 1931 at Broken Flute Cave in the Prayer Rock district near Canyon de Chelly. The ancient nature of this flute makes it perfect for creative improvisation.


Forest Bathing 432 Hz (Shinrin Yoku) - The Magic of Nature

From the opening moments, guitarist Forest Bathing by Stevin McNamara immerses you with a sense of the sweet, pure experience of being close to nature. Its subtle, relaxed guitar, entwined with birdsong and acoustic sounds, elegantly evokes the serenity and pleasure one feels in a forest, in the mountains, or by the sea – aspiring to capture a connection to the healing force awaiting us when we get away from the city to a place where Mother Earth exudes her beauty. "Amidst the stress of the modern world, our inner self is starving to reconnect to a higher place," says McNamara. "This whole album was achieved by tuning in to that vibration and expressing it musically."

McNamara's inspiration is his love for the music of northern India, structuring his distinctive guitar compositions after traditional raga forms. Raga means "that which colors the mind," and each raga has a primary rasa or mood e.g., joy, peace, tranquility, longing for the Divine – all familiar to us when experiencing intimacy with nature, as in Japan's "Shinrin yoku" (forest bathing).

With only organic instruments - nylon string and 12-string guitar, bowls, bowed guitar, chimes, bells, and percussion – he recorded using A=432 Hz tuning instead of the usual A=440Hz, creating a deeper, more focused and relaxed listening experience.

Stevin McNamara

Bathing in Nature, Shinrin Yoku - 432 Hz by

Riding Through (Tylepathy Remix)

This FREE SONG Riding Through (Tylepathy Remix), channels the meditative essence locked within Afar's reimagining paints an open world that combines the gentle rhythms of ambient organica with the guiding motion of soft drums weaving in and out of the greater musical expanse. A flowing tapestry of sound that will evolve with each listen, Afar (Tylepathy Remixes) is an essential addition to the greater landscape of tribal electronica and a must-have tool for those who wish to deepen their explorations into the intimate recesses of their personal realities.

Download your FREE SONG and pass it to your friends – share your love and light in the world.

As always, thanks for listening!

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White Swan Records offers a complete menu of sonic textures designed to meet the musical needs of any lifestyle or listener. From Zen moods to dancefloor-igniting remixes, cross-cultural exploration is White Swan’s forte. Phenomenal bestseller and mantra enchantress Deva Premal & Miten (over a million units sold) tops a growing roster of successful yoga, mantra and chant artists including Donna De Lory, Prem Joshua, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, David Newman (Durga Das), Stevin McNamara, Mercedes Bahleda, Avasa & Matthew Love and Brenda McMorrow. And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”