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Gayatri / Giver of Light by Brenda McMorrow and Jakob Weise

Singer/songwriter Brenda McMorrow (Canada) & producer/singer/songwriter Jakob Weise (Denmark) have collaborated once again, bringing a stunning version of an ancient and deeply powerful Sanskrit mantra to the world: Gayatri / Giver of Light.
Brenda and Jakob’s lush vocals are set upon a backdrop of rich yet subtle instrumentation and production, providing the opportunity for a profound inner and outer sonic journey.
The song is a meditative, deeply devotional and inspiring invocation of the Divine Light within us all.

Gayatri / Giver of Light
by Brenda McMorrow and Jakob Weise

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Escalier is a song with a lot of energy, it has the spirit of the trance coming from Haitian mysticism.

Taking that Bantu essence to the level of electronic music giving rise to a remix that has the punch of EDM and the organicity of African folklore that lives on this Caribbean island connected with its older sister Cuba, where Afrosideral and Ariel Bringues come from.

In this EP you can find several versions ideal for those who like alternative mixes for their sessions and use them as creative tools.

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White Swan Records offers a complete menu of sonic textures designed to meet the musical needs of any lifestyle or listener. From Zen moods to dancefloor-igniting remixes, cross-cultural exploration is White Swan’s forte. Phenomenal bestseller and mantra enchantress Deva Premal & Miten (over a million units sold) tops a growing roster of successful yoga, mantra and chant artists including Donna De Lory, Prem Joshua, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, David Newman (Durga Das), Stevin McNamara, Mercedes Bahleda, Avasa & Matthew Love and Brenda McMorrow. And with the US yoga scene populated by 20 million practitioners (and growing), White Swan Records is perfectly positioned to expand its reputation as the leading purveyor of “yoga beat.”