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Avasa & Matthew Love

Welcome to a junction of our hearts expression. We wish to live in a world that is guided by love, filled with pure thoughts...


In the fall of 2008, Avasa and Matty first connected while Avasa was waitressing at Cafe Gratitude in northern California. It was an instantaneous recognition of love, and soon after discovered they shared a devotion to music. The two have been one ever since.

They married October 2, 2010, at ‘Love Field’ (the land upon which Matty was raised), and two weeks later released their first EP LOVE IS KING - LOVE IS QUEEN, produced by Robin Livingston.

As husband and wife, they walk a path of deep commitment to serve God and humanity through music. They find great joy and purpose in experiencing divine love, cultivating inner peace and making music that uplifts the heart and heals the soul.

Their music is an inspiring blend of world pop and devotional soul sound with unique anthemic coloring in each song, that is especially highlighted by the gifts of their voice, known to touch the heart of the listener. Avasa and Matty have rich, evocative and soulful voices that beautifully weave together in every lyric, offering the listener a transcendent experience of divine union.

Avasa and Matty have shared the stage with numerous artists such as: Jason Mraz, Ben Lee, MC Yogi, The Makepeace Brothers, The Raining Jane, The Luminaries, Luc and The Lovingtons, Parker Ainsworth, Jessie Payo, Me & Mr. Cassidy, Alex Cigolini, Ryan Dilmore, Sarah Englehart, among others.

Avasa and Matty Love currently reside in Los Angeles, California, and are in the midst of recording their second album THE ROAD due to be released in 2015.

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“Let your Love Shine Through” is the first track, and it is upbeat reggae with a great feel. Matty's repetitive lyric "come on, come on" adds a nice urban edge. Harmonies, a little hip-hop, and some jazz are all here.

The song "Listen" has a Brazilian tropicalia feel with the "pandero," or skin drum tambourine.

"What If" (remix) features an inspiring rap by MC Yogi: "What if love could save the planet!" Matty has a soulful R & B feel to her voice and phrasing.

All ten songs clock in around five minutes. As husband and wife, Avasa & Matty present themselves as a king and queen. Walking the path of bhakti at each juncture, they show us how love can manifest and flow.

-Debi Buzil, Yoga Chicago, September 2013