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Dance of Life compiles some of the best-loved songs by Miten, musical and life partner with Deva Premal.

Remixed and remastered, the album includes "Deeper", "Dance of Life", "Illah Illah Illah (Carry Me Away)", "Existence"...and many more.

"...full of great rhythm and emotional intensity...an invitation to dance and celebrate the mystery of life. Each song is a jewel, recorded with great love of detail." –Re Nudo Magazine (Italy)

1.) Deeper -6:51
2.) Come People Come -4:55
3.) Dance of Life -4:58
4.) Whenever I See Your Face -4:10
5.) White Swan -5:10
6.) Rhythm of Life -5:32
7.) Illah Illah Illah (Carry Me Away) -7:15
8.) Shadow of Light -4:12
9.) Existence -6:34

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