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Lion is Chris Assaad’s new Music Medicine collection that has been slowly making its way into the world in a most sacred way, being passed on from hand to hand, with love and intention. ⁣

The creation can best be described as... ⁣a book of songs, ⁣a musical painting , a collection of prayers,⁣ a tapestry of ideas, a wellspring of inspiration, ⁣a medicine basket of sound potions⁣.

Lion and its message speaks of finding our courage and overcoming anything that stands in the way of our fullest potential and power. A companion for the hero's journey of life and touch on the themes that heart centred artists, spiritual seekers and light workers often go through. It was created to serve as music medicine and as an anchor for the listener to follow their heart and highest vision.

1. Lion 06:59
2. Trust & Surrender 06:12
3. Our Moment 03:34
4. Patience 04:35
5. Grace 03:08
6. Together We Rise 07:04
7. Sacred 07:01
8. Back to Your Heart 03:47
9. Harmony 06:30
10. This Moment’s Gonna Pass 06:18

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