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Live & Pedal-Powered CD by Baka Beyond is live world African & Celtic music created with bicycle power for celebration and dance.

This is the first bicycle-powered digital recording ever! Recorded absolutely live and powered by the Rinky Dink–a truly ecologically sustainable machine built from recycled cycles and scrap–this CD captures the clarity, spirit and celebratory joy of Baka Beyond’s Afro-Celtic music. Like the industrious machine that powers them, Baka Beyond pump out love and positive energy wherever they go. 

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1.) Lupe -7:35
2.) Lullaby/Do Good -6:21
3.) Nahwia -5:23
4.) Aziz Aziz -5:22
5.) Baka -7:01
6.) Eeya Be (Elephant Song) -9:50
7.) Journey -5:52
8.) Ancestor's Voice -6:59
9.) Worth It After All -8:26

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