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This White Swan Healing Arts Series collection of mantras and chants by some of devotional music’s greatest voices is a sonic wonder – a warm, enveloping, deeply comforting listening experience. Pristinely recorded, diverse instrumentation sparkles with luminous dimension around the voices – which include Jai Uttal, Donna De Lory, Ben Leinbach, Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, David Newman, and Wah!, to name a few.

The call-and-response practice of kirtan has grown exponentially out of the Bhakti Yoga movement, with kirtan gatherings all over North America helping to make live music interpersonal and local again. The mantras on this enchanting album hail from several traditions, from Kundalini to Krishna, and address various deities, e.g., Krishna, Hanuman, Radhe, Nataraj and Shiva, with each chant offered in an original, stylized interpretation by its singer.

Selected, edited & sequenced by Parmita Pushman for White Swan Records.

1. Jai Uttal - Echo of Mercy (Om Namo Narayana) 05:02
2. Shantala - Heather Benjy Werthimer - Baba Hanuman - Kirtan for Hanuman 09:54
3. Krishna Das - Saraswati: Yoga Mantra for Learning and Music 07:07
4. Donna De Lory - Govinda Jaya Jaya - Bhakti Yoga 08:49
5. Ben Leinbach Feat Snatam Kaur - Sat Narayan Wahe Guru - Yoga Mantra 07:36
6. Wah! - Shyam Bolo Jai - Yoga Chant 05:54
7. Radharani - Srimati Radharani - Mantra For Radha 05:44
8. Daniel Paul Feat. Gina Salá - Dina Dayal - Kirtan for Mercy 05:56
9. Girish - Jaya Ganesh - Kirtan for Ganesh Blessings 04:54
10. Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band - Shiva Shankara - Shiva Kirtan for Transformation 09:21
11. Jaya Lakshmi Feat. Ananda Yogiji - Jai Govinda Jai Gopal - Live Kirtan 10:53
12. Suzanne Sterling - Nataraja - Bhakti Yoga of Dance 08:08
13. Jahnavi Harrison Feat. Gaura Vani - Vrikshavalli Hare Krishna - Chant for Krishna 12:24
14. Michael H. Cohen - Jaya Radhe - Mantra for Radhe 06:14
15. Mirabai Moon - Twameva Mata - Mantra for the Mother 06:48
16. Ananda Yogiji Feat. Jaya Lakshmi - Guru Ram Das Live - Kundalini Mantra 06:54
17. Govindas & Radha - Mahamantra Hare Krishna Hare Rama - Kirtan 06:54
18. David Newman - Ganesh Under Moonlight - Kirtan 04:23
19. Deva Premal & Miten - Jai Radha Madhava Live - Kirtan for Radha 06:00
20. Nina Rao Feat. Krishna Das - Ocean of Ram Hanuman Chalisa - Bhakti Yoga Chant 10:55

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White Swan Healing Arts Series