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With Remixtasy, Eccodek flips the script on its signature sound, turning a pack of musical alchemists loose on the group's forward thinking blend of dub, funk, tribalism and cinematic electronica. This tastemaker's list of remixers and producers re-imagine tracks from the Canadian global fusion band's first 3 releases: More Africa in Us, Voices Have Eyes and the Juno-nominated Shivaboom.

Remixtasy is a sprawling, 14-track opus moving from dub, funk, techno, reggae, lo-fi electro to Middle-Eastern, Afrobeat, Rockers, Asian Massive and beyond.

Trailblazers like Transglobal Underground, Six Degrees' Jef Stott, Dubmatix, EarthRise SoundSystem, Real World's Syriana and Adham Shaikh rub shoulders with fresh sounds from Sub Swara's Sharmaji, Four80East, Delhi 2 Dublin's Tarun Nayar and Rise Ashen.

Eccodek mainman Andrew McPherson even works up 2 radical redubs from the first album, More Africa in Us - an Afrobeat throwdown and a sensuous steppers dub odyssey.

1.) Behind the Mask (Jef Stott Embarka mix) -5:55
2.) Calling the Rain (Eccodek Afrodisiac mix) -4:44
3.) Bodhichitta dub (Nate Wize Super Moon remix) -4:59
4.) Red White and Mali (Adham Shaikh Wobble tip mix) -5:00
5.) Silent Song (EarthRise SoundSystem remix) -5:40
6.) In this drum a secret (Four80East Sunshine mix) -6:01
7.) Bizuru dub (Eccodek's Stepper's Dub mix) -5:05
8.) Words with the griot (Syriana mix) -7:02
9.) Voices have eyes (Dubmatix Cinematic Dub remix) -5:07
10.) Silent song (Tarun Nayar mix) -4:48
11.) Red white and Mali (Rise Ashen mix) -4:16
12.) Fan the flames dub (Transglobal Underground mix) -4:11
13.) Spacehall dub (Deliveryboy Jet West mix) -3:49
14.) Weightless place (Sharmaji mix) -4:43

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