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Shivaboom by eccodek is world groove music for chill, lounging and dancing.

With world-class vocalists and players from Mali, India and Turkey roaming freely through his lush aural panoramas, Canadian sound scientist eccodek joins the rarefied ranks of musical alchemists Cheb i Sabbah and Gaudi. Deep bass, wide grooves and melodies soaring from earth to sky take this far-reaching global dub journey from cultural authenticity to the cutting edge.

1.) Behind the mask -4:35
2.) Weightless place -6:34
3.) Empty pockets -6:40
4.) Silent song -6:19
5.) Red, White and Maple -4:56
6.) Black beauty (eccodek Remix) -5:12
7.) When the bird calls -5:30
8.) Lover's trance -4:29
9.) Forever unanswered -5:59

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