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Sharon Gannon, co-founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method and accomplished yogini, author, singer and musician, offers a personal and loving rendition of these timeless Sanskrit mantras. The title, Sharanam, translates from Sanskrit as "refuge." Produced by Ferenz Kallos and graced with seductive rhythms, tasteful electronic treatments and Gannon's soulful, impassioned voice, these chants will surely lead you to the sanctuary of your heart.

Sharanam is co-produced, co-written & performed by Sharon Gannon & multi-instrumentalist Ferenz Kallos

1.) Lokah Samastah (upbeat version) -6:51
2.) Guruji -5:43
3.) Pashupati -12:31
4.) Govinda Fly -7:51
5.) Hare Krishna -14:22
6.) Lokah Samastah (slow version) -11:11
7.) Om Shantih -8:48
8.) Lokah Samastah (Sean Dinsmore's Happy Free Mix) -4:03