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Shanti Guitar


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Most of the pieces on Shanti Guitar are based on the concept of Raga, a traditional form of Indian music that has been in existence for centuries. It's important to note that these pieces are not traditional North Indian Classical music. Rather, they were borne from a personal musical style developed over many years - a style that is heavily influenced by this music.

The word Raga itself means “that which colors the mind." It is not only a scale or some fixed sequence of notes; it is considered a living musical entity (like a God or Goddess). The ancient Vedic yogis discovered that ragas have certain harmonious or antagonistic effects depending on when they are played. When correctly performed – at the appropriate time of day or season of the year – a spiritual connection between Raga and musician occurs, thus creating a "sound manifestation" between artist and audience. It is an experience that is literally out of this world.

"Music is much more than notes produced on an instrument. Every note should live and breathe with a connection to the Soul. Drawing from the infinite tradition of raga, as well as that of blues and those South African sounds of my youth, I have found a way to express my experience in a way that I hope will leave you feeling soothed, healed, uplifted and at peace with one's self and the world. Because that's the feeling I get from playing it. Namaste, Siyabonga and Peace." - Stevin McNamara, Ashland, Oregon, January 2012

1.) Anam (Part 1 - Alap) -3:07
2.) Anam (Part 2 - Gat) -6:32
3.) Moon Magic (Chandra) (Part 1 - Alap) -5:09
4.) Moon Magic (Chandra) (Part 2 - Gat) -12:03
5.) Song of the Sun (Part 1 - Alap) -2:57
6.) Song of the Sun (Part 2 - Gat) -6:22
7.) Doorway to Eternity (Part 1- Alap) -2:58
8.) Doorway to Eternity (Part 2 - Gat) -9:56
9.) Bittersweet (Part 1 - Alap) -6:30
10.) Bittersweet (Part 2 - Gat) -11:42
11.) Journey to the Crystal Mountain (Part 1 - Alap) -4:26
12.) Journey to the Crystal Mountain (Part 2 - Gat) -8:16
13.) Close To Home (digital bonus track) -6:53
14.) Lalita (digital bonus track) -5;1415.) Lalita (digital bonus track) -5:14
16.) Into the Moment (digital bonus track) -2:30
17.) Song of the Sun (reprise) (digital bonus track) -5:12

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