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Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine Vol. I is inspired by the themes of breakdown and renewal, healing, and regrowth explored in the landmark documentary Fantastic Fungi. Imbued with the essence of the film’s message — one that celebrates the complexity of the mycelial kingdom and its central role in the regeneration of all life on earth. Medicine and psychedelic songs range from original songs written for the project to remixes and favorite artists, designed to inspire us to commit to the shift and to build a more connected and conscious world. Artists include Desert Dwellers, Yaima, Beats Antique, Nessi Gomes, Liquid Bloom, Poranguí, Vincent Berry II (theme song for the film) and more.

1. Desert Dwellers - One Giant Consciousness 04:39
2. Yaima - Mycelia 03:55
3. Nessi Gomes, Liquid Bloom - All Related (Fantastic Fungi Mix) 06:28
4. Dirtwire - Sailing the Solar Flares 04:14
5. Poranguí - Otorongo (Jakare Remix) 08:32
6. Beats Antique, Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Let it All Go 04:00
7. Srikala - New Paradigm 04:34
8. Sam Garrett, Mose - Upasana (Mose Remix) 10:01
9. East Forest - Grandmothersphere 03:41
10. Donna De Lory - Sanctuary (Donna De Lory/Dave Dale World Mix) 08:02
11. Vincent Berry II - Live Again 04:13

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