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One Giant Consciousness (Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine)


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Step into an ancient landscape teeming with organic life and enter the mycelial world of One Giant Consciousness. A bridge to the complex fungal network beneath our feet, this entrancing creation from global electronica duo Desert Dwellers brings a scintillating new dimension to revered mycologist Paul Stamets’ fantastic tale of connection, regeneration, and rebirth within the worldwide undergrowth. Weaving listeners into a byzantine ecosystem of delicate harmonics, thunderous drums, and otherworldly acoustics drawn from near and distant chapters in the Desert Dwellers story — all overlaid with the spoken wisdom of Stamets himself — One Giant Consciousness deciphers the seldom-heard and often misunderstood message of nature told by fungi through the universal language of visionary music.

Inspired by the themes of breakdown and renewal, healing, and regrowth explored in the landmark 2019 documentary, Fantastic Fungi, Desert Dwellers’ psychedelic voyage appears alongside a diverse selection of original musical productions in the upcoming double-length album, Fantastic Fungi: Reimagine. Imbued with the essence of the film’s message — one that celebrates the complexity of the mycelial kingdom and its central role in the regeneration of all life on earth — these tracks invite listeners to connect with our fungal allies underfoot and reimagine the ways they might help us save the world and shape the future we wish to see.

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