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Hot on the heels of Trip Tracks Music for the Journey comes Trip Tracks: Ecstasy the next in our Trip Tracks series for the ever-evolving yoga and dance festival culture.

For moving, self-expression, or just chilling with friends, Trip Tracks: Ecstasy features immersive transglobal electro-groove goodness from top artists and DJs. It is a moonlit, beat-driven odyssey of sonic exploration, created to spark the fire for inward or outward adventure.

Featuring: Adham Shaikh, Kaya Project, Euphoria, Donna De Lory, EarthRise SoundSystem, Turiya Nada, Afro Celt Sound System, DJ Drez, Stevin McNamara, and Liquid Stranger.

1. Marmalade Sun 0 8:11
2. Kaya Project — Vijaya 06:07
3. Euphoria — Sweet Rain 03:18
4. Donna De Lory — In the Sun (Desert Dwellers Mix) 07:01
5. Earthrise Sound System — Cañamo Medico [feat Metsa Meni & Chonon Quena] 05:31
6. Arakara — Siva Siva Arakara (Ancient Grace) 06:39
7. Afro Celt Sound System — Persistence Of Memory (Remix) 05:12
8. Donna De Lory — The Offering 5:07
9. DJ Drez — Vasudeva's Dance (feat. Marti Nikko) 04:05
10. Stevin McNamara — Jhala Remix 05:47
11. Liquid Stranger — Lotus 05:43
9. DJ Drez - Nectar Drop 03:57
10. Adham Shaikh - Satori (Fierce Light mix) 08:24

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