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Hinimawé celebrates the very essence of water. Rooted in the ancient Bana Kama language, Hinimawé is a feminine deity that embraces understanding and emotional depth. Viewing the body as a receiver, or sah u lé, she weaves unity and spiritual harmony. Hinimawé is a patroness of meditation and art-forms that can soothe the restless mind. 

In a mesmerizing symphony, the song ventures into a world of downtempo beats, harmonizing with the ethereal sounds of whales, dolphins, ocean waves, and streams. Enchanting trance-like vocals, alongside the Hand Pan and the Ngoni, converge in perfect harmony, guiding the listener into the infinite waters of remembrance. Hinimawé is the 3rd track from the coming album called Home a collaborative project between Shaman’s Dream and Geometrae, featuring multi-instrumentalists, vocalists, and cutting-edge electronic production.

The story is told through the intention of each song and woven together for the listener to observe each element through the body as a felt experience.

The album begins with the sunrise, as each day begins for us here. The seed is then planted with the intention to grow and flourish, to reach the highest potential as a blooming flower. The 5 elements are explored: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. The 5 elements are needed to transform the seed into a flower, for the fullest expression to be witnessed. Once the flower has bloomed, we welcome the moon, to tap into our psychic senses and merge into the dream world once again, to begin the cycle renewed, to return Home.

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