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Drift into holographic realms of deep thought and relaxed sensation with Liquid Bloom's ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes. Conjured from the mind of musical visionary Amani Friend, this deeply meditative collection transmutes the uplifting tones of his Re.Generations album into a soothing journey through delicate acoustic sceneries and textural sonic layers toward the inner frontiers of the mind. Harnessing the imaginative soundscapes of producers Temple Step Project, Hipnotic Earth, Tylepathy, Eternell, and Shanti & Wei-Chi Field, Liquid Bloom invites listeners into these calming atmospheric spaces to find a personal sanctuary forever free from the turbulence of life in a changing world.

Featuring instruments & vocals from the original Re.Generations album by Deya Dova, Porangui, Alex King-Harris, Ixchel Prisma, Michael Kott and more.

1. Resonant Migration feat Deya Dova (Temple Step Project Ambient Remix) 05:48
2. Jaguar Dreaming (Hipnotic Earth Ambient Remix) 12:24
3. Fire Gathering (Hipnotic Earth Ambient Remix) 13:12
4. Sacred Blessings (Tylepathy Ambient Remix) 10:58
5. Enseñame (Eternell Ambient Remix) 10:04
6. Ceremony of the Heart (Tylepathy Ambient Remix) 09:46
7. Ecstatic Grounding (Tylepathy Ambient Remix) 11:08
8. Roots of the Earth (Shanti & Wei-Chi Field Ambient Remix) 11:21
9. Emerging Heart (Tylepathy Ambient Remix) 11:58

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