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After the success of her first two recordings—the upbeat Fire of the Oracle and rhythmic Energia (by Infinity)—vocalist/violinist Suvarna takes her raga-based vocal improvisations into a more laid back, intimate space on This Dewdrop World.

Her latest effort plays like an aural massage: the songs unfold naturally, drawing the listener into a relaxed world of lush sonic textures and mantric ambience far removed from the frenetic pace of daily life.

This Dewdrop World features a world of instruments including kora, violin, saz, oud, mandolin and tabla, all expertly orchestrated by producer Martyn Phillips (Was Not Was, Soul II Soul, Khaled) to complement Suvarna’s gracefully confident voice.

Dedicated to “all who are striving for awakening,This Dewdrop World is sublime accompaniment for introspective journeys and a delicate musical acknowledgment of life’s beauty. 

"Beautifully produced and expertly orchestrated, [This Dewdrop World] is a great CD to transport yourself to a tranquil realm." –Yogabasics.com

"...a stunningly beautiful album of contemplative devotional pop music...the effect is one of perfectly realized East-West fusion." –All Music Guide

1.) Heart of Tara -5:56
2.) This Dewdrop World -6:19
3.) What You Are To Me -4:54
4.) The Divine Sound -8:09
5.) Charaiveti, Charaiveti -7:53
6.) Passion For the Ultimate -6:40
7.) Deniz -3:38
8.) Nanak's Song -10:04