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Gary Stroutsos, a well-known artist in the world of meditative flute music incorporates divergent styles to weave delicate melodies into a global landscape. Included are Japanese Shakuhachi Bamboo Flutes, Koto, and worldly percussion to create a truly pacific mood.

"This recording was inspired by time spent on the Northwest Oregan coast at Falcon Cove Beach; a place among the rocks, surf, and elements of nature; a cherished place, a powerful place, a place of serenity. I have found my flute can breathe at the sea. Hear the silence between all sounds... and may you enjoy the listening, as much as I did the recording. Peace".  –Gary Stroutsos

1. Pumpkin Seed
2. Mandan Origin Song
3. Song for the Rocks
4. Sannish Remembered-Along the River
5. Grandfather Look at Me
6. Cherished Grandmother
7. Mandan Heartbreak Song
8. People of the Willows
9. Morning Song

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