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World music expeditioner Shaman’s Dream are on a mission to search the planet for the sacred sounds of indigenous cultures, and weave them with the urban beats of their Los Angeles home base. The result: innovative albums that transport you to places born only of imagination.

African Dream invokes this mystical continent’s serene natural sounds, chants, and rhythms to reveal the common inner landscapes we all share with this enchanted motherland. The rare musical adventure of African Dream begins with Craig Kohland roaming from the deserts of the Sahara to the hills of Kenya to the coasts of Senegal with portable recording equipment in tow.

Next the journey takes us back in LA, where the sonic alchemy really takes place. Entering the studio with the intent of traditional spirit walkers, Craig is joined by Jason Hann, whose compositions merge global ancient voices with contemporary sounds and textures. Together, the diverse talents of Shaman’s Dream create an acoustic collage that blends the prayers, initiations, and character of Africa to bring alive the spiritual and rhythmical heart of this great land.

1. Rakandao 04:58
2. Morani Warrior 07:15
3. Mbira Kosamdela 05:44
4. Losambo 06:44
5. Je Je Vignin 06:05
6. Ker Kerane 06:11
7. Naomba Ukuwe Mazuri 06:06
8. Entomononi 06:02
9. African Dreams 12:33

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