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The original Cusp album was the manifestation of the creative powers of producers and multi-instrumentalists, Ryan Herr and Jesse Hendricks. This eclectic world soundscape has now been re-imagined into a 14 track remix album featuring a host of notable producers long entwined in the west coast electronic music scene.

A solid listen from start to finish, Cusp (The Remixes) moves from chill out downtempo, to folktronica twang, to up beat thumping house jams, while even exploring hints of psychedelic bass music and psy-dub sprinkled into the mix.

1. Rain Shadow (Scott Nice Remix) 04:27
2. Mycelium (Moontricks Remix) 03:49
3. Canyon Song (Mose Remix) 06:11
4. Juju (Random Rab Remix) 04:34
5. Ryan Herr, Jesse Hendricks - JuJu (Yemanjo Remix) 06:27 video
6. Ryan Herr, Jesse Hendricks - Mycelium (Equanimous & Oliwa Remix) 04:08
7. Universal Language (Tone Ranger Remix) 05:52
8. Rain Shadow (Erothyme Remix) 04:33
9. Mycelium (Tropo Remix) 05:23
10. Universal Language (Geometrae Remix) 05:51
11. Cinco Sabores Feat. David Bergeaud (Spice Traders Remix)
12. Canyon Song Feat. Timo Beckwith (Momentology Remix)
13. Within (Drumspyder Remix)
14. Cusp (Stratusphere Remix)

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