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Energize: Music for Yoga Class (Desiree Rumbaugh Mix)


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"Yoga is such a gift and teachers like Desiree humbly transmit a grounded, authentic, love-centric practice that encourages yogis to innovate while remaining true to the roots. Transforming fear into love through compassionate inquiry is no easy task, but Desiree does it with style and care.

Thus our collaborations have inspired me to reach into my own roots and pull out a mixture of sounds and blending of genres that support this transmission. Where we meet is fresh, yet timeless. Grounded, while finding opportunities to soar effortlessly.

Some of the themes that came out in the music ended up opening my own heart more to the medicine and possibility of a world forever changed by the medicine that is yoga. Breathe in, breathe out, relax and expand. May we all find freedom from suffering, namaste." –Rara Avis

1. Settling In-Yoga Opening 03:05
2. Healing Heart-Stretching Emotions 08:23
3. Foundation-Yoga Asana Practice 13:01
4. Soul Arise-Standing Series 10:17
5. Yogi's Blues-Yoga for the Hips 11:07
6. Sustain the Flow-Final Class Sequence 08:17
7. Towards Surrender-Savasana (free)

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