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Here in Heaven


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Beloved as one of the reigning divas of devotional music, Donna De Lory draws on her rich experience in a different realm – as composer and singer-songwriter – for her new solo release Here in Heaven.

Seven of the nine songs are originals showcasing De Lory’s considerable skill as composer and arranger, with evocative melodies and her extraordinary voice framed by pristine instrumentation and percussive grooves. Her thoughtful lyrics in these accessible tunes are as uplifting and profound as the cherished mantras for which she is so respected. She also covers two songs she’s always wanted to record, Kate Bush’s “Never Be Mine” and the lilting “Listen” – co-written with singers Avasa and Matty Love and featuring a charming chorus starring Donna’s daughter and her third grade classmates.

It is a deeply personal work, with poignant songs about both her late parents, a passionate Spanish ballad co-written with her father (and featuring him on piano), and moving, open-hearted paeans to the beauty of nature and love. De Lory’s gravity-defying voice is delicate and soaring, a fine instrument that she uses with great subtlety and sensitivity throughout this song cycle, which touches the soul again and again with its beauty and emotional honesty.

1. Heaven
2. Listen
3. Sat Siri
4. Never Be Mine
5. Piano Man
6. Amor Amor
7. Miracle of Love
8. Go Talk to Mary
9. Heaven Meditation

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