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A progressive journey into the heart of the wild, Liquid Bloom and PERE bind the energy of dance floor electronica with the sounds of nature in their all-new collaborative single, Kingfisher. Featuring the instrumental work of acclaimed musician Si Mullumby (Wild Marmalade), who masterfully wields his didgeridoo to illustrate the song across more than seven minutes of hypnotic rhythms and beats, the track offers a colorful glimpse into the sounds to come from two of the psychedelic underground’s most esteemed electronic producers as they explore the landscapes of tribal house music.

PERE and Liquid Bloom’s collaborations take full shape in their upcoming album, Afar. Arriving July 30th, the album delves into the organic and digital undergrowth through eight tracks of adventurous and heart-stirring music and showcases the universal vitality embedded within the sounds, instruments, and voices found across all reaches of the globe.

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