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Donna De Lory’s Remixes boasts Sanskrit mantras and chants with 11 incandescent songs of consciousness and devotion, subtle electronica textures, danceable rhythms ranging from hypnotic to ecstatic and all featuring a soulful, evocative voice that is as beguiling as it is timeless.

To help bring her west-meets-east, pop-meets-divine vision to life, Donna enlisted contributions from her longtime production partner MacQuayle (Sting, Indigo Girls, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Annie Lennox), Grammy-winning producer Dave Dale (Garden State soundtrack) and top trance and downtempo luminaries (Eastern Sun, Desert Dwellers, Atom Smith). These studio alchemists lovingly celebrate and reinvent Donna’s rich and seductive sound, crafting an entrancing collection of dance beats and downtempo lullabies, while preserving the warmth and sensuality of the original songs.

After spending 20 years recording and touring with Madonna (and growing her own worldwide fan base) Donna is following her own path now, bringing her strong pop sensibility – and accessibility – to her lushly-conceived mix of Western pop, Indian devotional music, Sanskrit mantras, North African grooves and psychedelic arrangements. Drawing from her rich spiritual practice and diverse musical inspirations, Donna is forging a unique devotional pop sound that’s been called “the perfect combination of earth Mama and fairy child.”

1.) Guru Om (Rara Avis Remix) -5:53
2.) He Ma Durga (Donna De Lory/Mac Quayle Remix) -6:27
3.) Jai Ma (Eastern Sun Remix) -6:39
4.) Om Namah Shivaya (Eastern Sun Remix) -6:22
5.) Ganapati Om (Atom Smith Atomic Remix) -5:41
6.) Sky Is Open (Donna De Lory Remix) -7:04
7.) Aham Prema (Mac Quayle Mix) -5:44
8.) In The Sun (Desert Dwellers Remix) -7:10
9.) Sanctuary (Donna De Lory/Dave Dale World Mix) -8:00
10.) Om Namah Shivaya/They Will Be Done (Atom Smith Atomic Remix) -6:47
11.) Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (Donna De Lory/Dave Dale Acoustic Mix) -6:56

“Donna Rocks us again with the divine elixir of her extraordinary voice remixed with new music alchemy for yoga, dance and making love to life.” –Shiva Rea, yogini

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