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Dance Of Shakti


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Dance of Shakti by Prem Joshua is Indian fusion music featuring sitar for yoga, dance and celebration.

Prem Joshua comments on Dance Of Shakti, his Indian fusion music featuring sitar for yoga, dance: "As the title suggests–it's again a more rhythmic, energetic album, and I had maximum fun doing this one."

"There are many soulful melodies played on Indian instruments like bamboo flute, sitar, dilruba and santoor, flying over strong ethnic and modern grooves, hip hop, drum 'n' bass and trancey rhythms and sounds–all interwoven with Manish's 'pumping' tablas. But there is one more thing: I got totally into singing! I got into my own very contemporary version of Indian 'tarana' singing and also chose some beautiful mantras."

"The main musicians I'm playing with are Manish Vyas, multi-instrumentalist from India; Maneesh de Moor, keyboardist from Amsterdam; and Rishi, drummer, producer and genius from Copenhagen. Of course there are also other musicians who left their juicy statements on the album, like Chintan and Dinesh from Hamsafar and great talents from the Indian and Danish music scene.”

1.) Bolo Hari -6:47
2.) Mangalam -9:16
3.) Secret Place -10:01
4.) Himalaya Trance -10:27
5.) Nanak -10:02
6.) Dance of Kali -8:31

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