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Ameya by Brenda McMorrow features Sanskrit mantras, chanting and acoustic music for yoga, kirtan and meditation.

Discover the realm of soul-expanding Kirtan through these captivating devotional songs, rich in modern melodies, luxuriant harmonies, world beats, acoustic guitar and ancient Sanskrit mantras. East meets West on this lush, groove-filled voyage into the joyful ocean of Bhakti Yoga.

1.) Govinda Gopala -11:01
2.) Narayana -4:45
3.) He Ma -3:43
4.) Ganeshaya -8:20
5.) Sharanam Ananda -6:07
6.) Ayodhya Vasi/Rama Rama -8:43
7.) Loka Samastha -5:21
8.) Maha Lakshmi -3:51

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