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Blue Fire Soul


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Created for the yoga journey, Blue Fire Soul  by Suzanne Sterling and Christoper Krotky features electronic Sanskrit mantra music for power yoga, and dance,.exploring the universe of the body. Urban priestess Suzanne Sterling’s ecstatic chants conjure a soundscape of guitars, tablas, loops and beats stretching from intimate to epic, inviting us to open the doors of perception and step into our true nature: fully alive, totally awake.

Blue Fire Soul is produced by Christoper Krotky and Suzanne Sterling.

1.) Saraswati (Slow River Deep) -8:33
2.) Nataraj (Dancing in the Flames) -10:05
3.) Om mane padme hum -6:54
4.) Devakyam (Divine Mystery) -7:05
5.) Govinda (Praising Union) -5:11
6.) Kali Durge (Wheel Turning) -9:36
7.) Bliss Ma (Lullaby) -9:00
8.) Sivasana (Surrender) -8:48
9.) World Without Churches Remix (Blue Flame) -3:45
10.) Jai Ma (Freedom Song) -5:49