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Chidananda is a gorgeous painting of the deep transformations and expansion in Brenda McMorrow’s own musical and spiritual journeys. Her prayer for this album is that it invites us to relax into our own unique and beautiful hearts and to profoundly connect with the peace that resides there. Brenda’s soulful voice and masterful songwriting takes listeners into a place of both stillness and upliftment; healing, inspiration and a recognition of one’s inner strength. Her deep honoring and unique interpretation of sacred, ancient Indian mantras allows people all around the world to rest back into a rich tapestry of soothing and joy-inducing vibrations. Chidananda features Benjy Wertheimer’s (Shantala/The Hanumen) hauntingly beautiful Esjraj on Adi Shakti and Beloved of My Heart, along with contributions from a host of other talented musicians. This is Brenda’s second album produced by acclaimed producer/mixing engineer Warren Huart (Trevor Hall).

Including a rendition of Miguel Molina’s Ague de Estrellas, the album is dedicated to the healing of the Mother Earth and to all beings upon, above and within it.

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1. Falling Away/Namah Shivaya 8:17
2. Adi Shakti 6:20
3. Radhe Govinda/The Light that Shines 4:59
4. Agua de Estrellas 8:57
5. Beloved of My Heart/Sri Krishna 6:57
6. Om Eim Saraswati 4:40
7. Lullaby Shiva 5:25 8. Chidananda 7:42

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