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In 1931, Archeologist Earl Morris led an expedition from the Carnegie Institution to the Prayer Rock District in NE Arizona. Morris discovered intact, wooden Box Elder rim style flutes constructed between 620-670 CE, making them the oldest extant wood flutes found in the Americas. The flutes were transferred to the Arizona State Museum in Tucson in 1957.

Flute Maker Michael Allen crafter replicas of these 2000-year-old instruments using measurements of the original flutes discovered by Morris. 

Challenging to play, rim flutes are brought to life in this CD by woodwind world flute master Gary Stroutsos. The flutes' haunting tones are refreshingly new in today's music world but are as old as the ancient Puebloan ruins from which they came.

1. Prayer Rock
2. Emergence
3. Walpi
4. Painted Desert Suite - The Sands of Time
5. Fourth World
6. People of Peace
7. Kachina Dancer

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