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Feast of Magic


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Abhi Ktori spent many years in the spiritual community around the mystic Osho. A big part of this community was music and he became a part of this. He began to write a very different kind of songs, songs that were to do with the whole human and spiritual experience, in this amazing environment, he grew as a singer and as a songwriter and began to see how deeply music can touch the heart and how these songs had a magical quality that when sung enlivened the whole being.

Abhi says: "I feel blessed to be with a Master who deeply understood the importance and power of music and knew the value and benefits of opening our hearts in song and letting go in the dance."

Abhi, singing lyrics that are crystal clear in a voice that is deep rich and resonant, offers these songs with the tastes of olde England, Celtic seasonings and spices from India. The scenery he evokes is enshrouded in the mists of Avalon. His warm earthy tones are nectar to the soul.

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1. Riddles from a Blue Room (4:06) 
2. Bodmin Moor (3:35) 
3. Song of the Snow (2:57) 
4. Ounce of Truth (4:15) 
5. Strong My Roots (5:43) 
6. Trust in Love (2:30) 
7. Gatherers of Light (4:17) 
8. Postcard (4:16) 
9. One Breath (2:56) 
10. Feast of Magic (3:10) 
11. Still Small Voice (3:58) 
12. Little Piece of Land (2:08) 
13. Dancing in the Mystery (3:18)

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