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Flute Meditations for Yoga & Massage: Calming Spa Music for Relaxation & Sleep


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Master flutist and solo artist Gary Stroutsos shares his deep resume of timeless flute music, with inspiration taken from influences around the world, in this collection of serene, restorative instrumental music.  Tracks carefully curated by White Swan producer Dubgoddess Selena provide deeply relaxing backgrounds for sleep, for yoga practice, for body work and more – to help the listener deeply breathe in a healing inner light for the soul.

Originally trained as a jazz flutist (studying with jazz master flutist James Newton and Afro-Cuban master Danilo Lozano), the Seattle-based Vermont native has spent decades studying and performing world flute styles drawn from traditional cultures, working with elders and forging a unique sound all his own.  His work features American Indian music as well as Chinese, Cuban and American stylings that reflect his diverse influences. Evoking a spirit of place and the voices of the land, Gary’s work includes internationally- acclaimed recordings at sacred sites, using the unique acoustics and history of each great space as the starting point for musical exploration – a shared moment in a timeless place, where flute melodies both ancestral and modern play off one another and songs come alive, buoying and breathing through the generations.

“I have been blessed with taking care of so many old songs from so many world cultures, that reflect many of the songs you will hear on this release. The collection includes many deep traditions of music not my own,” says Stroutsos.

1. Sea of Serenity: Calming Music for Yoga 03:04
2. Monastery Without Walls: Spa Music 03:40
3. Zen Beach: Meditative Flute 04:36
4. Dharma: Sleep Music 13:46
5. Night Sky: Music for Relaxation 03:31
6. Sacred Earth: Relaxing Spa Music 03:47
7. Temple of Heaven: Music for Spa 04:54
8. Crescent Moon: Flute Meditations 05:21
9. I Know the Trees: Massage Meditations 04:04
10. Afternoon Wave: Massage Music 04:00
11. Hymn to Tranquility: Meditative Spa Music 06:23
12. Pueblo - EDIT: Meditative Yoga Music 12:20
13. Shadow Warrior: Calming Spa Music 03:30
14. Silent Wave: Relaxing Sleep Music 05:00
15. Where Angels Worship: Calm Yoga Music 02:44
16. Silent Angel: Calming Sleep Music 03:22
17. Honest Heart: Sleep Music Meditations 26:26
18. River of Life: Relaxing Yoga Music 06:49
19. Fourth World: Calming Yoga Meditations 03:31
20. Dawn: Relaxing Massage & Spa Music 03:08

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