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We are excited to announce the release of Winter, an original, downtempo vocal song that honours the haunting beauty of a deep, soft winter day.

This transformative collaboration between Rara Avis and Safiya Carroll Labelle is both an easeful pleasure to listen to, as well as a powerful journey that encourages you to let go and surrender fully. As you dive into the depths of this exquisite composition, you can feel its gentle grief while still being warmed by its fire. Tender lyrics and Inspired melodies soar effortlessly above chilled out guitar riffs and smooth sexy drums; these intricate sounds were brought together with Naomi Jason's contemporary dance artistry providing in the moment inspiration for more than just your ears.

Winter is perfect for those music lovers looking for something chill and soulful, capturing complex emotions with simple elegance like no other. With bursts of energy embedded in its gentle embrace, this beautiful concoction of sound will captivate your senses and bring you home to yourself.

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