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Golden is the newest release from singer-songwriter Chris Assaad. His fourth studio album and without question, his most raw, potent and vulnerable offering to date.

Assaad invites listeners into an exploration of transmuting our pain and suffering, our struggles and everyday challenges into Love and returning to that Golden frequency, to our connection to the Divine, to a state of Wholeness within ourselves, and Oneness with each other and All That is.

1. Love Is Greater Than 04:27
2. Livin' It Up 04:58
3. What If? 04:02
4. For You 05:02
5. Listen 03:54
6. Pain 04:42
7. Golden 04:29
8. Worthy 03:40
9. Unleash 05:30
10. Back to Love 04:51
11. In Joy 04:43

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