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Just One Drop


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 Deep longing mixes with sweet illumination in Radharani’s debut album, Just One Drop. Hailed as “ground- breaking,” “crystalline” and “stunning” for its original sound and pure vocals, the album is rich with sonic artistry and innovation. Radharani weaves influences of trip hop, ambient and sonic-rock with traditional Indian instrumentation and mantras.

“Radharani is pushing the boundaries of kirtan forward, where it needs to go.” –Frank Wolf (producer, David Newman)

Drawing upon many years of pilgrimage and study in India, Radharani seeks to express the sacred and paradoxical moods of divine love: at once pure and mysterious, light and dark, lost and found. It is a calling out for one drop of grace, and a basking in that drop.

Self-produced, composed and edited, Radharani had a hand in all aspects of the production from recording to mixing, with help from Grammy-nominated mix-engineer Julie Last and sound engineer Arun Vir.

Radharani spent four years in India absorbing herself in mystic practices involving mantra and devotional chant. She undertook long pilgrimages to sacred sites and trained in Indian classical music. She is delighted to have shared a stage with Krishna Das, Prema Hara, Prana, Kirtan Rabbi, Gina Sala, SRI Kirtan, Steve Gorn and many others. She believes kirtan will overlap with popular music and hopes to be a part of this movement.

Produced, and edited by Radharani Renee Finkelstein
Mixed by: Julie Last
Contributions to Mixing by: Radharani, Frank Wolf, Rick Nichols
Mastered by: Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios
Recorded by: Arun Vir, Radharani, Julie Last, Frank Wolf
Flute: Shailendra Kumar
Tabla: Bhola
Guitar: Eric Archer
Keyboard, Drum Programming: Radharani
Bass: Kevin Lowney, Rob Norris
Vocals: Radharani
Choir: Ustya Tarnawsky, Liz Collins, Kim Lesley, Lee Harrington, Andrew Finkelstein, Sruti Ram, Laura Hersh, Stefanie Geisel, Stephanie Bifolco, Alice Andrews

“Radharani has a beautiful bhava and a pure voice. Her voice and heart are in perfect union as she transports us beyond this world.” Ishwari (SRI Kirtan)

"Be prepared to FALL in LOVE because you will when you hear the angelic voice of Radharani.” - Kamaniya (Prema Hara)

1. Jay Jay Radhe Krishna
2. Gopala
3. Srimati Radharani
4. Higher Love (Winwood/Jennings)
5. Gopinath (feat. Prema Hara)
6. Hari Bol (feat. Ishwari)
7. Surya Namaskar
8. Radhe
9. Jay Ma

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