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Luminous Secrets


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For nearly two decades, Prem Joshua has made India his second home, studying music at the feet of masters. From those teachings, he has forged his own unique Indo-Jazz fusion that has made him a household name in music circles around the world - and a bona fide superstar in India and Europe.

A solo artist for many years, Prem Joshua is now working with a regular band, a group of world-class musicians hailing from Germany, India and Japan. On their latest work, Luminous Secrets, Prem Joshua & Band further their ongoing conversation between East and West. Here, the timeless mystic poetry of Meera, Kabir and Hafiz reclines in leisurely rapture with Prem Joshua’s exotic fusion of Indian ragas and ecstatic Sufi jazz.

Luminous Secrets makes clear what Prem Joshua's fans have known for years: this is not some hybrid sound from an itinerant musician. Prem Joshua's music is an original, organic fusion informed by the life experiences and relentless approach of a modern musical master.

1.) Meera -7:53
2.) Nine Wonders -5:52
3.) LFG (Letter From God) -7:08
4.) Luminous Secrets -6:47
5.) Hele Mele -6:49
6.) Song of the Weaver -8:16
7.) A Light For Your Night -7:12
8.) Chandra -6:49
9.) Kirwani Namaste -2:22

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