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Mantra Rocks


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Mantra Rocks by Dave Dale offers Sanskrit mantras, guitar, keyboard and rock rhythms for yoga.

Dave Dale’s music production credits include the Grammy winning Garden State soundtrack, and bestselling collaborations with Colin Hay and Donna De Lory.

Now, through his guitar Dave discovers new ways to express the power of Sanskrit mantra with his guitar, keyboard and rock rhythms for yoga. Adding Nadaji’s vocals and harmonium, they create a sound that translates the timeless wisdom of mantra to the universal language of rock, revealing the emotional potency residing within these sacred healing chants.

1.) Om Namah Shivaya -3:51
2.) Narayana -5:41
3.) Gayatri Mantra -4:53
4.) Om Guru -4:19
5.) So'ham -6:46
6.) Om Shanti Om -5:08
7.) Lokah Samastah -6:15
8.) Hare Rama Hare Krishna -6:04